Andy Campbell and Mez Breeze are proud to announce the open beta for their new game, All the Delicate Duplicates!

A beautiful work of immersive fiction, John, a computer engineer and his daughter, Charlotte, inherit a collection of strange objects from a relative that neither of them can really remember. Eventually, they start to believe that the objects might be transforming their realities and memories…

A central part of the non-linear language in All The Delicate Duplicates is the hybrid language Mezangelle; it remixes the basic structure of English and computer code to create language where meanings are nested inside each other; you have to read, then re-read, then re-re-read in order to piece together the disturbing truth behind “Aunt Mo.”

Sound interesting? The beta is available for PC and will run until 23:00 GMT on 28 November 2016. Open to anyone over the age 16, so get signed up and get investigating!