For me, I have one word to say on this: Finally!

WipEout is finally coming to the PS4 in the form of the Omega Collection. For those who haven’t owned a Vita before, this becomes a tantalising package for fans of WipEout HD.

The Omega Collection bundles together the tracks from WipEout 2048 and those from WipEout HD and its Fury expansion pack into one future-filled hamper of racing deliciousness.

Whilst this isn’t the brand new WipEout game that I’ve been hoping the PS4 will be treated to, it does at least offer an experience that for now has only been available on its older brother and its hand-held cousin.

As an added boost, you PS4 Pro owners will be able to enjoy the WipEout Omega Collection in 4K when the game releases in Summer 2017. The series has always been one to push forward with visual innovations (WipEout HD was one of the leaders in supporting 3D TVs) so it’s great to see that trend continuing.

It does make me wonder what WipEout VR would be like…