At The Game Awards last week, we got a look at the new season of Telltale’s wildly popular and critically acclaimed Walking Dead series. In the season three premiere video, we saw newcomer Javier as he experiences the beginning of the zombie plague with his family, before catching up with him three years later when he encounters fan favorite Clementine.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier will act as both a new beginning for players who are unfamiliar with the story so far – including an introduction to Clementine – and a continuation for those who played through the entirety of the first two seasons. New players will be able to start fresh, while continuing players can import past save files or tailor their backstory just how they like it. Telltale promises more information on this feature in the coming days.

We’re also getting two – that’s right, TWO – premiere episodes debuting on the same day. Both episodes will be released digitally worldwide on December 20 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. You can purchase them from the Telltale Online Store, Steam, and other online distribution services as well as through the Xbox Games Store and PlayStation Network. They’ll additionally be available the same day for iOS devices in the App Store and Android via Google Play. Additional platform releases will be announced in the future.

Beginning February 14th, the series will also be available for purchase on a special Season Pass Disc for Xbox One and PS4, which will include the premiere episode along with access to download all five subsequent episodes as they become available.

Preorder season three for your platform of choice at the official Telltale store, and check out an extended version of the premiere trailer below!