Can’t wait until April for Persona 5? We’ve got you covered; watch Xanthe Huynh talk about playing Haru, and find out a little more about the girl herself in this character trailer:

You wouldn’t think the dutiful daughter of a prestigious business man would even dream of rebelling, but Haru Okumura is a devoted Phantom Thief. Although her childhood was full of all the elegance and splendour money could buy, it came at the cost of her independence and autonomy.

A gilded cage is still iron bars underneath, and she grew up being told what to do, how to think, and was raised to be an obedient, well behaved girl. Once she found the Phantom Thieves, however, they taught her how to break out and fly free. Haru’s codename is Noir, but she’s a sweet, kindhearted girl who truly wants to change the world for the better and ensure that justice always prevails.

Persona 5 is out April 4, 2017 for PS3 and PS4.