The Kickstarted successor to Banjo Kazooie from Playtonic Games has resurfaced once more with another tasty trailer to really get our appetites going, especially if you happen to like casino levels.

(The Casino Night Zone in Sonic 2 was always a favourite of mine, so I’m already roped in).

Along with the Capital Cashino trailer, another piece of news has surfaced regarding Playtonic’s Nintendo ambitions.

It was promised during the campaign that Yooka Laylee would also get a Wii U version alongside the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions. With the bigger picture gradually forming around the Nintendo Switch, it seems only fitting that Playtonic would look to shift the development focus onto the new console.

Specifically, whilst a Wii U version is still in the works, it looks like it won’t release alongside the other versions. Backers who pledged for the Wii U version will be able to switch their pledge to claim the version for the Switch if they so wish when it launches in 2017. By the sounds of things, that’ll also be a tad behind the April 11 launch of the other versions.

Digital pre-orders for Yooka Laylee opened today, priced at £34.99 / $39.99 / €39.99 on Xbox One and PS4 and PC/Mac/Linux via Steam and GOG.