Thanks to Square Enix, we’ve got two Amber Carbuncle plushies to give away! Read on to find out more…

MMORPGs are almost always certain to be jam packed with lore, and Final Fantasy 14 is no exception to the rule.

Despite the sheer enormity of lore that surrounds Eorzea, I definitely did not soak up 100% of the information that’s available to consume. Those journal entries for each quest were things I almost always overlooked in my determination to get on with questing and raiding.

Enter the Encyclopaedia Eorzea, an enormous tome that’s jam-packed with anything and everything that you could possibly think of that relates to the world of Eorzea and its denizens.

Enormous, you say?

When I say enormous tome, it really is enormous. It delves into extreme detail of not just the main characters in groups like the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, it also includes entries for all of those characters you may have only encountered for one or two quests. Ever wanted to know more about Moghan the Moogle? This Encyclopaedia has you covered. Fancied a nose at what caused the fall of Ala Mhigo? A flick through the book will sort you out.

Wildwood Elezen are a most fabulous race (statement without bias…)

Okay, cool. Got anything juicy?

The Encyclopaedia also has a highly significant portion dedicated to the twelve gods and the seven hells. Both were, for pretty much all of my time in FFXIV, something I internalised as part of Eorzean religion and the source of both joyous and curseful outbursts. Thanks to this book though, I know a good bit more about what those seven hells actually are.

Gimme a strange tidbit that you found

Okay, so Urianger’s Carbuncle is especially unique. Thanks to his studious methods, his arcane familiar is very much unlike the blue ones you normally see in the game. His is yellow and is apparently the only such Carbuncle in existence that is this colour.

Any catches?

I should point out that there is one semi-major assumption that the Encyclopaedia makes in its conveyance of information. Namely that you’re largely up-to-date with the main scenario so far in Heavensward. Some points are mentioned when discussing characters and areas that may not be clear unless you’re at least part of the way through patch 3.4.

That said, there are one or two tidbits that allure to what I guess will come up in patch 3.5 when that releases before the Stormblood expansion. So consider it a treasure trove of secrets to possibly explore!

I heard something about a minion…

Damn skippy!

Included with every copy is a code to grant you a Namingway Minon!

Namingway will be a familiar friend to you if you’ve played Final Fantasy IV, especially when it comes to naming things. In Eorzea, Namingway even carries a mini version of the very Encyclopaedia you’d now be carrying!

Worth a buy, then?

If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy XIV, then most certainly. £34.99 (Square Enix store link) may sound much for a book, but it is an extraordinarily detailed one packed with information in a lovelier way than any Wiki page could attempt to match. I reckon it’s a fantastic tool in ensuring your maximum immersion in the lore of Eorzea.

So about those Carbuncles…

Carbuncle had tasty gossip to share!

I did mention something about those, didn’t I?

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