Welcome to the final One Hour Tour of 2016! Well to all fairness, seeing as I blaze through the game, this should be a Let’s Play thing, but what the hell, right?

After missing a week due to over-working (I may, or may not, be a workaholic), I’m back with a final video for 2016. Seeing as it’s the holidays, I wanted to do something special to me. Seeing as I have already done my two favorite Mega Man games (2 and 4), I decided to do the original Mega Man. While I still struggle with it at times (goddamn flying platforms that fire bullets), I can finally finish it “easily” considering it was pure hell for me as a kid.

Mega Man for me, whether it be the 1st or 4th (my mom never bought me MM5 or 6), represents the holidays for me. This series holds a special place in my heart. Along with Super Mario World, I played the hell out of the Mega Man games as a kid during the holidays as it allowed to forget the hell a kid goes through.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy this special Mega Man video. Thanks for watching. And Happy Holidays!