Konami has announced Super Bomberman R will release as a Nintendo Switch launch title on March 3, 2017.

Super Bomberman R, which will make “full use of the Nintendo Switch system capabilities” and will be exclusive to the new system, offer a one- or two-player co-op story mode where you work to clear a series of 50 stages, as well as a last-man-standing, eight-player battle mode.

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“All key Bomberman elements return for the Nintendo Switch title,” states Konami, “including useful items found within the destructible areas of each maze. Removing a wall will often reveal a power-up to extend the range of the explosion or endow the user’s Bomberman with a useful skill. These include faster movement, the ability to kick or throw bombs, and more. Thus, as players gain ever more devastating capabilities, they must use all their skill and ingenuity to ensure their opponents get caught in a blast while avoiding its fiery touch!”

Other features include 3D stages with dynamic environments, local and online battles, plus “all-star” voice actors.

Super Bomberman R will release on the Switch launch day, March 3, 2017.