Find the cure, save the world – turn based strategy game Quarantine is coming to Steam’s Early Access February 9, 2017.

Quarantine has some really cool features this time around; inspired by real-world science and epidemic response, you’ll experience the tough choices and nail-biting suspense in this modern fight for humanity. With three pathogens to fight (virus, bacteria, and prion), each will have their own unique devastating behaviours and effects.

You can choose from dozens of operatives in four specialisations— Medic, Scientist, Diplomat, and Security. Deploy them on missions as critical situations unfold around the globe – level them up—and keep them alive—in the face of escalating danger. Set up field bases and raise crucial funding, but don’t let cities fall into chaos: the livelihood of your organisation —and the world— depends on it.

There’s some pretty intelligent AI around, too – you’ll have to contain your enemy before it infects new sites and spawns catastrophic events, and race against the clock before the contagion mutates and evolves past your defences. Unlock upgrades and new operations on the diverse tech tree to adapt your strategy and refine your play style as you go, and collect biological samples from hotspots to research the disease’s randomly generated traits. Use the results to turn the tide and find the cure!

You also have tons of replayability: increase your resistance with easy challenges so you can endure Nature’s worst. Three difficulty modes, four leaders, a variety of starting locations, and unpredictable gameplay ensure that no two games are the same.

Quarantine will be £12/$15 on Steam Early Access – catch it early for a 10% discount!