Welcome to a new Let’s Play video everyone! This week, I’d figured I’d give you guys a break from my fails in Skyrim. While you enjoy this Mega Man 3 run, I’ll be able to focus on Skyrim and hopefully have a more entertaining video… the keyword being “hopefully”.

Nevertheless, this week, I’m doing a run of Mega Man 3. While enjoyable, this isn’t my favorite Mega Man game. Mostly because I find the rehashing of levels between the eight robot masters and Dr Wiley’s castle a bit lazy, development wise. I would’ve rather have longer levels in Wiley’s castle. Also Shadow Man can fuck off and die.

It’s not my best run as I could improve a few things, but it’s definitely not my best. And seeing as I’ve managed to “master” the original Mega Man game, MM3 has dropped down in list of favorite Mega Man games. I might do Mega Man 5 and 6 later on, but I just need more practice with them first as I’ve finished each of them only once.

Hope you guys enjoy!