Bethesda have announced that the much anticipated title Prey will release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on May 5th, 2017. The first-person sci-fi adventure is being developed by Arkane Studios, creators of the highly acclaimed Dishonored series.

Alongside the announcement, Bethesda released an all new gameplay trailer. The trailer shows off various aspects of the gameplay, as Arkane swap out daggers, crossbows, and Blink for handguns, shotguns, and metamorphosis.

Whilst the trailer only gives us a slight indication of what is in store throughout the story, it seems as though Arkane have developed on what they did so successfully throughout both Dishonored titles, namely mixing action with choice as players choose how best to use the effects of the experimentation undertaken by protagonist Morgan Yu; will you choose to transform into a turret gun and destroy your enemies, or find a stealthier way to destroy your opponents? Only time will tell.

Bethesda have also released details of pre-order bonuses for players, with the ‘Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack’ giving players a shotgun, ‘Neuromods’ to acquire additional abilities, two medikits, weapon and ammunition blueprints, and a ‘unique’ upgrade that will assist players as they fight to preserve their resources.

The items within the bonus suggest that players will have to think strategically as they make their way through the environment of Talos I, using resources as required by the situation at hand.

Whatever version of the game you choose to buy, whatever approach you take on your journey, just remember one thing: ‘Nothing can survive’.