Insert Coin are apparently hard at work with a truckload of new designs in the year to come, but today they have revealed what will be the very first new design to hit their shelves.

The tee maker has long been a supporter of Special Effect, a charity that develops gaming solutions to enrich the lives of those battling disabling conditions.  This new design supports Special Effect’s annual gaming charity event – Gameblast.

Gameblast invites gamers to enter into tough gaming challenges in fundraising efforts for the charity. Whether it’s an uninterrupted 48-hour Overwatch marathon or a race to grind gathering classes in Final Fantasy XIV up to level 60 ahead of the Stormblood expansion, the door is wide open for whatever challenge you may adopt.

Gamers are encouraged to stream their efforts as part of Gameblast, on February 24-26.

Now on the subject of tees, that lovely garment you see above will see 100% of its proceeds go straight to Special Effect. Perfect threads to wear whilst tackling your gaming challenge perhaps!