Welcome to this week’s One Hour Tour where I will be taking you through a bit of Titanfall 2’s campaign.

I needed a change of air while I continuously screw up in my Skyrim mis-adventures, so I’d figure I give this FPS a shot. After all, I kept hearing that it was an awesome, yet short, experience. And did it deliver. I finished it a few days ago and quite frankly, it’s the second best FPS (next to Doom) that I’ve played in a while.

Everything felt “perfect”. The story was very interesting, the “bromance” between the protagonist and his Titan felt real; you could sense in a way, the bond between both of them. Story-wise, it had a certain Modern Warfare feel to it (which is explained by the fact that Respawn is home to devs who worked on Call of Duty’s best games: the Modern Warfare trilogy). Vince Zampella and co. actually made me care about characters in a first person shooter. And I’m actually considering another playthrough.

This sequence takes places approximately 3/4 into the game’s story. Seriously. If you like shooters and action games, don’t sleep on this one. Enjoy!