505 Games and Tic Toc Games are bringing Adventure Pop to current-gen consoles. The game is currently available (and free!) on PSN while Xbox One players need to wait until February 8th. Adventure Pop is a free-to-play bubble shooter.

Players will embark on a journey with Penelope as she encounters rapscallions of all sorts in bubble shooting showdowns. Once players defeat some of these opponents, they may even join the crew and offer their support in battles with their unique, powerful attacks.

Players can take a break from exploration by showing off their precise aim against local and online friends in PvP duels. Players be warned because you’re playing with friends, it doesn’t mean these are friendly battles! When a player drops bubbles from the screen, they get sent over as attacks to the opponent’s side.

Xbox Gold and PlayStation Plus Members will receive exclusive bonuses. PSN subscribers will get free Rainbow Bubble, the game’s most valuable power up, every other week.

While Xbox Gold members will get the Bubble Bundle Pack, worth $5.99, for free. This add-on will be heavily discounted and sometimes made available for free pending Gold Member. It includes all six special power ups: The Super Boost, Rainbow Bubble, Cannon Barrage, Double Score, Obstacle Swap and the Spyglass.

Adventure Pop is free to download on PS4 and Xbox One.