“Love? Pff – what’s love ever done for you?” That, I imagine, was the question asked by one SEGA employee because instead of celebrating the all-conquering power of love this Valentine’s Day, SEGA has thrown down the gauntlet in their Make War Not Love event.

This year’s event will the gaming communities of four different games clash for the all too rare prize of free DLC bundles for their game. The competing factions are players from Dawn of War 2, Company of Heroes 2, Total War: WARHAMMER and Endless Legend go head to head in a four-way war that will underline just how more effective the sword is compared to the heart.

The bloodbath will span across four days, beginning on February 16 and ending on February 19. The opening day will see gamers from each community deciding which game their community manager will face off against a SEGA champion in. The winning faction will receive 50 points and the first of four prizes – DLC for Company of Heroes 2 along with an unspecified Megadrive game.

February 17 will have each community create pieces of art based on their interpretation of Make War Not Love and posting it on the SEGA Facebook page. the winners of day two will be based on the pieces voted best by both SEGA and community members. The prize for day two is the Ultramarine Faction Pack for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War – and another Megadrive game.

The penultimate day will see the communities of each faction hosting their own live-stream of their respective game. The winners will be decided based on the game that achieved the highest accumulated views and viewer engagement – so if you’re mates with a streamer get them on board now! The prize for February 18 is the Echoes of Auriga DLC for Endless Legend and a third mysterious Megadrive game.

Make War Not Love 2017 will close with the top two factions going head to head on one another’s respective games within the SEGA Zone in Kensington Olympia (London, UK). The winners of this face-off will be this year’s champions and win the Blood Pack DLC for all relevant Total War titles… except Total War: WARHAMMER – which is weird but oh well. And of course, you’ll get the obligatory yet still mysterious Megadrive game.

So what are you waiting for!? Ditch your loved one this Valentine’s Day – even though you don’t have to – and enter the fray. All you have to do is visit www.makewarnotlove.com and sign up to your respective game title, isn’t that easier than coming up with a thoughtful gift for your loved one? I think it is.