Welcome to a new One Hour Tour! This week I’m taking you on a tour of an exceptional little gem.

I had heard a few things about Blue Estate, however the fact that it featured on-rail mechanics kind of turned me off a bit. When I saw it at 3$, I was to buy it and noticed a demo, so I might as well try it. Once I got done with the demo, I wanted more, so grabbed it on sale. Best 3$ I’ve spent in quite sometime.

For those who didn’t know (like myself), Blue Estate is based of the comic books by Viktor Kalvachev. The game features quite a bit of humor and action. Obviously, being an on rail shooter, players must act quick in order to shoot down enemies and destroy any collectibles. The main issue with the game is the limited weapon arsenal; throughout the story there’s less than 10 weapons to be collected and used.

The game makes uses of the PS4’s DualShock 4’s motion controls and Xbox One’s Kinect. I played the PS4 version and I wish I could’ve turned off the motion controls as it sometimes made things harder than they should’ve been. On the flipside, it does makes interesting use of the touch pad as sometimes your character’s hair will get in the way, so a quick swipe up will solve that issue.

On this note, enjoy! This is definitely a hidden gem that everyone should try.