Rockstar have released the latest update for GTA 5 Online, with three new cars and a host of stunts and races now available to players.

Rockstar have confirmed that the stunt races created or verified by the Rockstar team will reward participants with double cash prizes and respect points for the 15 or more races. Players who log in to GTA Online during this adrenaline spectacular will also receive a new stuntman outfit for free.

The new stunt races come along with the arrival of three new vehicles: the Rocket Voltic, the Ruiner 2000 and the Blazer Aqua. Each vehicle will have special powers when used in the stunt races to give you an edge over your opponents.

Whilst the latest update demonstrates Rockstar continuing to provide further events for players, the content has moved away from the common conceptions of GTA. However, the Rockstar dev team are currently working on an update to address this, delivering a new update later this year that will introduce gun-running missions to the online community.

Still got a character on PS3 or Xbox 360?

If you still have an online character and progress on you PS3 or Xbox 360, you have until March 7, 2017, to transfer your progress to your new console before it disappears into the ether, or the Cloud – something like that. Anyway – if you haven’t already, make sure you get the transfer completed by the deadline!