Nintendo has been claiming in three of its key regions that the new Switch has taken the title of best-selling console in the company’s history.

Reports have been coming in from the US and Europe from Nintendo’s offices in those areas making such a claim, including comments from an interview with Chief Operating Officer Reggie Fils-Aime with the New York Times:

Speaking specifically in the UK, reports that the console sold around 80,000 units on its launch weekend. They note that whilst it doesn’t top the 3DS’s launch weekend at 113,000 units, it does come in at double the Wii U’s numbers at 40,000 units.

The more interesting news comes in Japan’s sales numbers. Famitsu reported that Nintendo sold 330,637 units. This just passes the Wii U’s launch there around 308,750 units. It sounds like the differences isn’t all that great, but the timing of the release does paint the picture more clearly, especially since the Wii U was released in December.

Without a holiday season to embolden marketing efforts for the console, the Switch still managed to deliver an admirable opening weekend.