To celebrate the release of Toukiden 2 later this week in Europe, Tecmo Koei has released a new trailer show can be seen above. The game will be available this Friday for PC, PS4 and PS Vita.

The Toukiden sequel features a vast open world, new combat elements, fresh online features for up to four players, and a brand-new standalone story.

In Toukiden 2, players will assume the mantle of a mysterious Slayer who has awakened after a ten-year slumber to a world shrouded in darkness. Players’ battle skills and strategic acumen will be put to the ultimate test as they strive to save humankind in a vast and dangerous land known as the Otherworld, a tattered landscape divided into six distinct Ages which each represent an era of Japanese history. The game offers cross-platform play between PS4 and PS Vita players.

Alongside a fresh and captivating narrative, Omega Force added Western lore-inspired Oni. To combat these new looming threats, two series-first weapon types make their debut: the sword and shield, a combination offering a solid blend of offence and defence, and the chain whip, which allows for fast-paced manoeuvers that can quickly tear apart Oni flesh. Each armament can be used for light and heavy attacks alike, and each offers special abilities that can be combined with a versatile, world-bending tool known as the Demon Hand to balance the scales of power when battling Oni.