Microsoft has unveiled the first phase of the Tech series of controllers, called the Recon Tech, set for release on May 4 (UK) and April 25 (USA).

The controllers will, according to Microsoft, offer players a greater sense of control and precision in their games as a result of the diamond rubberised grip at the back of the controllers.

The Recon controller will also possess a greater range of wireless connection for players, compatibility for both Windows 10 and Samsung Gear VR, and an ability to completely remap the button layout to best compliment the player.

A planned “Copilot” feature is set to be released soon after the controller’s release, allowing for two wireless controllers to serve as one. This will mean that players with disabilities, or players who just aren’t good at games, can team up with another player. This will allow players to divide up the tasks between them, so one of you may be in charge of movement, and the other would be in charge of firing a weapon or jumping.

It remains to be seen how seamless the “Copilot” feature will be, but it’s nevertheless a nice touch from Microsoft that offers a way in for new gamers and a greater sense of cooperation between friends.

The Recon Tech controller will cost £60/$70 and will be available from GAME and other retailers in the UK.