Welcome to this week’s One Hour Tour as I play some Dead Rising 4 for our (very late) review.

Without going into much details as my review pretty much covers everything, this game is bargain bin material. Prior to having the privilege to review it for GGS, I often saw it on sale for 50$ (down from 80$(!); welcome to Canada). While I just assumed it was the stores trying to push it as much as they could, I finally realized that it was not very good.

As of this writing, I still think it’s 50$ in Canada across multiple retailers. When Xbox One Launch games looks better than a game this far into this current gen of consoles, there’s a problem. But hey, I guess it’s better than the funky animations from this week’s Mass Effect: Andromeda.

After reading my review, you can finally why I wrote it by watching my shenanigans below.