The House Abandon is a really cool mini-story, where you’re sat in front of an old PC playing a text adventure game. It’ll likely spook you more than a few times, but its recent journey is more amusing than strange.

It was originally released for free as the result of a Game Jam. Yours truly dove into it and absolutely loved it.

It was then packaged in the deliciously creepy compilation Stories Untold. This also received my critical eye and once again, I absolutely loved it.

Now, The House Abandon has returned for free distribution, offered now as a demo to tempt you in to the larger Stories Untold package. Not that you’d need much tempting to be honest, if you already read my review *shameless plug*.

However, this free demo has now returned to give you a proper taste of what to expect in Stories Untold. If you’re on the fence, or have a spare half an hour, then I recommend diving in and seeing it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

If that wasn’t sweet enough, Devolver have today revealed that the game will be discounted by 25% this weekend. Here in the UK, that brings it down to a tasty £5.24.