Respawn has announced the next batch of free DLC for Titanfall 2.

Dubbed Colony Reborn the next free DLC update includes a fan favorite map from the original Titanfall game: Colony, a map filled with narrow streets, interiors, and rooftops.

Additionally, the DLC pack includes an all-new Pilot execution, Curb Check pilot, as well as the new R-101 carbine. PLayers will also be able to purchase new cosmetic items including Prime skins for Northstar and Legion, new Camos, Callsigns, among others.

To celebrate the launch of Colony Reborn, Respawn will be kicking off another free trial weekend on March 30th. The trial will feature content from the game’s critically-acclaimed single player: the Beacon, one of the missions from the main campaign, as well as the Training Gauntlet. Once they’ve dipped their toes in the game’s single players, players will able to try the multiplayer part of the game as well.

The trial will end on Monday, April 3rd, at which point the multiplayer portion of the trial will no longer be available. However, the single player content from the trial will still be available post-April 3rd.