Another timed event has made its way to Pokémon GO recently, and this time it’s all about those that opt for a more watery abode.

A perfect opportunity then, if you fancy chasing all those Magikarp to score yourself a Gyrados perhaps!

Water-type Pokémon across the board will see their spawn rates increase during this global Water Event, which is active until March 29 at 1pm PDT (That’s 8pm for us here in the UK).

As well as the usual Water-types that’ll appear more often, it’s also been pointed out that the newly added Water Type Pokémon from the Johto region as seen in Pokémon Gold/Silver will also see their spawn rates increased!

If you fancy kitting your trainer up to match the festivities, then this new Magikarp hat will be right up your street.

Y’know… if having a fish try to devour your head appeals to you in any way, shape or form. In which case, go crazy!