The first piece of character DLC for Square Enix’s epic Final Fantasy XV sees players take control of Gladiolus. The DLC offers players a chance to find out what happened to Gladiolus after he separates from the party.

The DLC allows players to explore a new combat system centred around the “Valor” and “Rage” of Gladiolus. If you decide to get the DLC, you’ll also be able to explore new sections of Eos and acquire exclusive new items.

Without spoiling the story for you, the Episode will focus on Gladiolus attempting to become stronger in order to protect Noctis.

Whilst Episode Gladiolus will offer players a range of new story features, Square are also rolling out an update for Chapter 13 that will be available for all players. The update will introduce new cutscenes for the chapter and two new routes for players to choose from in Chapter 13, along with new powerful ring magic.

Episode Gladiolus is available now for £4/$5.