Welcome to this week’s One Hour Tour! This week, I’m taking you through a 2-hr tour of Steelport. To be honest, after finishing the incredible Mafia 3, I wanted something to keep me busy until Persona 5’s highly anticipated release, so I’d figure I’d give SR4 another chance a few years later.

If you’ve been a long time reader of GGS, you know that I didn’t really enjoy my first go-round of Saints Row IV. And seeing as I’m a huge fan of the franchise (mostly Saints Row 2), I’d figure I’d give it another chance a few years later.

After a few hours, I’ve realized that my stance on it hasn’t changed much. Having a bit more fun than before, however still turned off by the amount of tutorials and linear mission-design. Still feels like a comedic rip-off of Prototype.

Enjoy the first two hours of Saints Row IV: Re-Elected as I roam around like a giant smurf.