Ubisoft has released the third add-on for last year’s Watch_Dogs 2. The DLC is now available for PS4, while PC and Xbox One owners need to wait until May 18th 2017 to get more out of the Ubisoft’s game.

Dubbed No Compromise, the add-on features a wide variety of new content such as the new Moscow Gambit DedSec operation. In the multi-mission storyline, Sitara asks Marcus for a personal favour that leads him towards hacking into a hardcore adult film studio, resulting in awkward moments with industrial machinery and an explosive climax. After a famous pornographer decides to parody the group’s style in his new film, DedSexxx, the DedSec crew launches a ridiculous lesson in image control that escalates into a brutal skirmish with the director’s contacts in the Russian mafia.

No Compromise also includes a new racing time trial challenge with six single-player car races that will ask players to master a variety of special vehicles under a time limit. It comes with a dedicated leader board so everyone can see exactly how their skills measure up.

Finally, the latest DLC includes two new non-lethal weapons and three new emergency services packs, with new vehicles and outfits that let Marcus dress up as a police officer, firefighter or paramedic, all with a DedSec twist.

Each outfit and vehicle adds a new skill that lets Marcus affect NPC behavior and do previously impossible things such as freeze NPCs while wearing the police outfit, reviving unconscious NPCs while dressed as a paramedic.