So here we go, just in time before the new episode – my choices for ep 3 of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier:

  1. Who wouldn’t demand justice? The raiders knew what they were doing when they opened fire – you can hardly claim a flippin’ headshot was an accidental hit. #justiceformarianna
  2. And again, of course I injected AJ, mostly because the game neglected to tell me what was actually wrong with AJ. This could have been a pivotal moment, particularly for Clem. If AJ really was dying, then it would have been a great way to show her going down the same route as Kenny – dangerously unstable and going to horrible lengths to protect his family. Instead, he just coughs a bit and we’re meant to immediately give up, because despite what David says, babies are useful! You need them to replace the kids you’re stabbing every time you meet a Walker… Also, I’m not 100% buying David was telling the truth. I have a horrible feeling AJ’s long dead… ):
  3. I let Conrad kill Badger, because it felt more poetic that way. The man was grieving and needed his revenge, and I for one am not jumping on the “Clementine is the best character ever because of the other seasons,” train. She’s been nothing but unstable, untrustworthy, and irrational.
  4. Brought Max back – yeah, he could be innocent. Not a guarantee, but there was something I didn’t trust about the other group, anyway. And if we keep killing each other, there’s going to be nothing left of the human population.
  5. I stuck to David’s plan, because he has the people and the guns. To be honest, there wasn’t a lot more Javi could have done in that situation, not with Gabe and a wounded Kate to think about. I do wonder, though – is David actually abusive, or is Kate just manipulative? I guess time will tell.

The next episode is out April 25, 2017, so I’ll be back then with an update!