Fancy a new mode for GTA online and a log in bonus across all platforms? Read on…

Tiny Racers channels the spirit of classic GTA titles with a shifting, bird’s-eye perspective, giving a fresh coat of paint to vehicular combat. Up to four players can fight it out for the top spot, with a choice of seven tracks and just one rule: don’t fall behind. If you do, boom goes the car,

There are various power ups to help you out; from Rockets and Bombs to light-wielding Shotaros and Special Vehicles, each of these can help you catch up and avoid the kaboom. To celebrate the launch of Tiny Racers Rockstar are currently awarding Double GTA$ & RP to all participants.

Plus, if you’ve logged in and played GTA Online on PS4, Xbox One, or PC at any point between April 25 and April 30, you were eligible for a GTA$425K tax refund compliments of the San Andreas State Treasury Department, to be deposited in your Maze Bank account during the month of May. Enjoy!