Deck 13 and Focus Home Interactive released a new trailer for their upcoming Action-RPG, The Surge. The newest video gives a behind the scene glimpse as the game’s combat system.

Using the limb-based targeting system, players can exploit enemies’ weaknesses; though as Deck13’s Thorsten Lange states, “the same rules apply for the enemies.

Positioning is of the utmost importance, and even the smallest misstep can end in death. Warren isn’t an overpowered soldier, and combat animations were given credibility through extensive motion capture sessions with a stuntman, resulting in combat that feels weighty and satisfying.

The Surge features an industrial, near-future Earth backdrop, which tackles issues of environmental destruction, corporatism and misuse of technology relevant to our own world. As the exo-suited Warren, players will explore rich, secret-filled environments and venture deep into the heart of tech company CREO’s devastated facility. Don’t expect the exploration to go without a hitch as crazed employees with fried cranial implants will attempt to stop you.

The Surge slashes its way to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on May 16th.