The Chinese-Army-bash-em-up returns!

Today, Koei Tecmo announced that the latest in the Dynasty Warriors series is currently in development, opening up a small teaser site to welcome the news.

Little is currently known about the game, even the supported systems have yet to be revealed in an unusual move. Indeed, the teaser site makes no mention of system support, with the related page greyed out.  If I were to put my speculation hat on, that may suggest that they’re either considering or are actively developing a version for the Switch.

What is known however is that the game will focus on the Three Kingdoms era, featuring eighty-three characters from across the game’s history with some new faces added for good measure.

A notable new face is Cheng Pu (above). He is a long-term retainer who supported three generations of the Sun family and contributed to the expansion and stability of the Wu kingdom.

Much like the details on supported platforms, release date and other key details have been held back for the time being. If I popped the speculating hat on once more with a dash of personal opinion, perhaps it might make an appearance at E3 next month.

Now I’m gonna dream about the potential of smashing through hundreds of soliders whilst on horseback on a Switch. A man can dream…