Welcome to this week’s One Hour Tour as I try to make my way through the maze known as Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap.

While I get my review ready for everyone, I wanted to share some gameplay footage. As you’ll notice, I’m getting my ass kicked a bit. It’s the classic old school formula where memorizing patterns and enemy attacks will save your life. I also play around with my favorite feature for the game: switching back and forth between classic and updated visuals/audio. While I never played the original (never had a Sega Master System), the game feels more fun with the classic presentation.

Oh and unlike my usual content, I’ve done a “mute” one this time around. Wanted to focus on making it as far as possible, so instead of having a mic and not saying anything, I just didn’t hook it up.

Hoping to have my review up in the next week or so, in the meantime, enjoy this one hour tour.