Insult-em-up offers a new Big Screen serving

The insult-em-up Oh Sir has been out there in the indie scene for quite some time. Now we’re being treated with a fresh offering of tastily gentlemanly insults to lay the smackdown on your rivalling gentlemanly…gentleman.

Coming for Windows PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android on May 31, the game goes down a different direction with The Hollywood Roast, a sequel-of-sorts to Oh Sir that promises a healthy dash of pop culture references in your spiffingly strong shouts of insult against your opponent.

The pop-culture doesn’t go only to the insults, of course. The characters too may offer a bit of a chuckle. For me, Dirty Potter (the Boy who Burned, I guess!), was a noteworthy one in my books. You’ve also got Wisecrack, the all too famous hero born of the greatest comic heroes of the land, with a cheeky smile for good measure.

The game also promises a refresh of the scoring system, double the vocabulary and a new ‘charged comeback’ feature to leave the final word with dramatic effect.

Alongside this news, the original Oh Sir will also receive a PS4 and Xbox One release in June.

Now, who said that I fought like a dairy farmer??

*chases insulting assailant* Oh sir… how very dare thee.

You can find info on the PC/Mac/Linux release for Oh.. Sir! The Hollywood Roast over on Steam