Welcome to Camp Crys… uh I mean to a new One Hour Tour where I can finally take a virtual tour of Camp Crystal Lake as I run from Jason. The game was successfully backed on Kickstarter way back in November 2015 and I’ve been looking for the release ever since.

And now it’s finally here. Albeit, the game has suffered a rocky launch across all platforms (PC, PS4 and Xbox One). I can vouch for that seeing as I played near 12 hours of the PS4 version and barely played a 3 minute match on Xbox One. Despite the overall positive reception of the crowdfunding, Gun Media didn’t expect that the servers would be hit this hard. They estimated an approximate 30 000 players at launch and when they opened the floodgates, they got 75 000 (!) players.

In case you haven’t heard about Friday the 13th The Game, it’s an asymmetrical multiplayer title where one player plays as Jason and needs to hunt down up to 7 counselors across a map. Counselors on the other end need to survive, escape or (somehow) take down Jason. While the maps are faithful representation of the movie content, there are some aspects of the maps are procedurally generated. While the overall layout remains the same, useful items such as car keys or phone fuse are spawned at different areas on the map.