Trendy Entertainment has announced that their co-op action-tower defense RPG, Dungeon Defenders II, will be available on June 20th as a free-to-play title for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game is currently in Early Access on PC and PS4.

Dungeon Defenders II will be a free-to-play title where’ll be supported by optional microtransactions by buying new heroes, costumes, tower skins, pets, inventory space; just to name a few.

Dungeon Defenders II features classic RPG elements such as looting, a variety of Heroes to level up and much more. This being a tower defense title, players will be required to build their defense in order to survive against progressively tougher waves of enemies. While playing with friends, players will need to strategize in order to successfully hold their ground. The game also supports up to four-player online cooperative game modes, as well as local split-screen co-op on consoles.

“We’re very excited to finally be able to bring the Dungeon Defenders franchise back to the Xbox platform,” said Marco Busse, Chief Executive Officer at Trendy Entertainment. “Dungeon Defenders II expands on the combination of shared action and tactics that made the original game so enjoyable, and that experience has only continued to evolve as we’ve grown it alongside our incredible community through early access.”