The latest GTA 5 update Gunrunners will arrive sometime in June 2017


So, you’ve decided to get into the arms dealing business? Good for you, welcome to a world of flexible work hours, a job that gets you out and about, and a job where every day is different – great choice! But before you can start your gunrunner venture, you should probably take the time to understand the finer points of what GTA 5’s latest update will bring.

What you’ll be doing

This one’s pretty simple – it’s in the name. You’ll be transporting guns from Los Santos all the way up to the Blaine County district. During your trips, you’ll have to deal with police units in pursuit, along with rival gunrunners. Basically, don’t expect a sunny, uninterrupted drive during missions.

The Bunkers

Yep, these new underground locations will be the hub of your operations, where you’ll set out operations and find targets through a ‘research’ tool. There’s no word yet about how you go about gaining access to these bunkers, but Rockstar’s blog post does suggest that you’ll need to be either a CEO, MC President, or VIP to unlock these bunkers and head up a gunrunning operation – though there is yet to be any confirmation on this.

Vehicle modifications

When you’re driving back and forth with a car full of guns, it’s a reasonable assumption that the journey to Blaine County won’t be an easy one. So, in order to help with these journeys, you’ll be able to modify vehicles and turn them into sturdy weapons that provide support during missions.

Weapons Upgrades

Why be gunrunners if you can’t reap the benefits? Well, you’ll be doing a lot of reward reaping in GTA 5 as your bunker plays home to a handful of scientist that you can have work on weapon modification. The upgrades have not been specified as of yet, though Rockstar has used the term ‘unique personal weapons modifications’ so expect a host of weird and wonderful stuff to help you murderise people.

Get to work science nerds! *high-fives* his ‘bro’

That’s all we know about the GTA 5 Gunrunners update that will be arriving sometime in June 2017 on PS$, Xbox One, and PC. If you still, somehow, haven’t played GTA 5, you can read our review on it here.