At today’s Microsoft E3 2017 Press conference, after months of waiting Project Scorpio has finally been revealed as Xbox One X. Touting itself as the most powerful console on the market it comes with full 4K complete backwards compatibility with all Xbox One games and accessories!

this is the new Xbox One X

Whoa – it doesn’t even look like a VCR player anymore!

The biggest surprise about the new console’s reveal was probably its name – there are just so many X’s. Everything else that we saw about the console was pretty much what the early specification by Digital Foundry suggested the console would be. The new Xbox One X boasts hardware that will allow for smoother frame rates, textures, and faster loading times across all compatible Xbox titles.

The console, Microsoft have said, will be able to improve the graphical quality of Xbox One games and Xbox 360 to an unprecedented level. The reveal of the Xbox One X gave Microsoft a chance to show off the upcoming Forza Motorsport 7 as the flagship title for the 4K console.

How much!?

I said the name for the Xbox One X was the biggest surprise, well I should’ve probably said that it was the second biggest surprise. The price of the Xbox One X, coming in at $500/£450 will surely come as a shock to some. Granted, this is a console that is boasting the same power of a PC, but at the moment, is the Xbox One X anything more than a fancy Xbox One?

Well, it’s difficult to say one way or the other just yet. We were given a lot of footage from games that showed off how powerful the machine is, Assassins Creed Origins, Metro Exodus, and Anthem all making appearances. But until we see the machine in action first-hand, it’s impossible to say one way or the other.

It’ll be interesting to see if there are any plans to revisit the PS4 Pro price during the Sony conference today, so be sure to follow us on Twitter as information comes in.

We’re going to cover the Xbox One X in more detail once we’ve had time to let the information sink in, so make sure you keep an eye on GGS Gamer for more!