At today’s Microsoft E3 2017 Press conference, it has been revealed that the much anticipated swashbuckling adventure by Rare, Sea Of Thieves is finally being released in 2018! Players will join a crew, take to the seas and find treasure in a huge multiplayer experience.

Microsoft and developers Rare treated fans to a ten-minute walkthrough of the game, showing off the kinds of adventures that players can expect when the game is released.

We were also shown a few surrounding features of the game, including treasure maps which challenge players through riddles. Though the standout part of the trailer has to be seeing a fellow pirate being shot from a cannon, only to land safely next to you.

Viewers also got a snapshot of the kinds of enemies you’ll face, with undead skeletons burrowing up to the surface and shooting you. There were hints that the game offers some larger monsters for you to avoid during treasure hunts, but they are only hinting at the moment.

Expect Sea of Thieves to arrive on Xbox One, Xbox One X, and PC in 2018.