We also saw the newest maps, characters, and weapons for Quake

At today’s Bethesda’s E3 2017 Press conference, it was announced that there’s going to be another Quake Championship in Dallas, Texas, harkening back to e-sports of old.

Fans of the fast-paced shooter were given a plethora of new content to keep them busy ahead of Quake Championship being held on August 26.

First off, we got a glimpse of the new Lock Box Arena, a compact level that is littered with traps for players to take advantage or fall victim to. We also had a chance to see Blood Run and the Corrupted Keep during the conference as well.

We also got to see a cross-over between the new Wolfenstein title and Quake Champions, as BJ Blazkowicz becomes the latest Champion players can use in the game. BJ’s special ability comes in the shape of being able to duel-wield any two weapons, including the all new Tri-Bolt gun.

Players can gain access to the closed beta now by visiting the Quake website; it should give you enough time to put in the practice you’ll need to be a serious contender at this year’s revival of Quake Championship on August 26, players will get a chance to take part in a massive tournament that includes a chance to win a portion of the $1 million money pool prize.