God of War shows off combat gameplay and hints at Norse mythology


At today’s Sony  E3 2017 Press conference, it was revealed that the hotly anticipated God of War now has a release year, touted for an “early 2018” release.

The trailer showed off some gameplay footage of combat, with Kratos’ son seeming to assist players in some cases. We also got confirmation that, whilst Kratos might be a dad now, he’s still fairly peeved about the monsters he’s coming across and an apparent curse on his son – so don’t expect Kratos to have become Atticus Finch by next year.

We also got to see some surrounding characters, with the mother of Kratos’ son making an appearance, a rather comical male character, and the ‘world serpent’ which – I believe – suggests that God of War will be dealing with Norse mythology rather than Greek mythology for this new instalment.

At the moment, there’s no specific release date for God of War, but expect it to arrive for PS4 in early 2018, which runs up until March usually.