Spider-Man was certainly the main event of the PlayStation Conference

At today’s Sony  E3 2017 Press conference, it was announced that the long-awaited Spider-Man game will release in 2018.

We also got a decent look at some gameplay footage, chasing a helicopter through the gorgeous open world city which you can watch below.

The footage showed off Spidey’s web-slinging and parkour skills, with the superhero swinging through New York before running across walls to gain more momentum. It seems like this could be the most fluid we’ve seen Spiderman for some time.

The combat shown throughout the footage suggested that Marvel have looked closely at what fans have enjoyed about the Batman Arkham series in the past, trying to capture that fluid combat in Spider-Man, we saw how the hero can backflip over enemies and counter with a series of melee and web-based attacks.

Finally, the footage suggested that we might get a group of various antagonists rather than one main enemy, but that is just speculation at the moment.

Spider-Man was certainly the highlight of the PlayStation Conference, but with a non-specific release date of 2018, expect to see a lot of hype building for PS4 exclusive over the coming months.