Hat-tastic shenanigans await

Mario looks set to give his hair some much needed fresh air as he is set to make use of his hat a hell of a lot more in Super Mario Odyssey.

A new trailer showcased at Nintendo’s E3 briefing shows off Cappy, Mario’s sentient hat that can do all manner of nifty things, including taking control of objects around New Donk City.

The hat is used as a key interface with the world, allowing Mario to traverse along wires, poles and more to scale buildings at speed and tackle enemies. Nifty (or is that Ninty?). As I write this, I’m watching the Nintendo Treehouse and just spotted Mario ‘possess’ a Bullet Bill using his hat to steer it around and access higher areas. Neat.

Exploration will be key in Odyssey, as this will very much look set to be an open-world Mario with an added dash of metropolitan design. It even looks like Cappy can possess cabs, so if you fancy Uber-ing it up as  the Twitter-verse was quick to point out, then you’re totally welcome to do so:

Super Mario Odyssey is due for release on October 27, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch