Welcome to another One Hour Tour! Yes, this week I’m going back to Camp Crystal Lake as we try to avoid certain at the hands of Jason.

I’ll be honest, this game has me hooked. While I’ve never been a huge fan of Multiplayer-only experiences (I still don’t get the hype around Overwatch to be honest…), I feel myself drawn back to this game every chance I get. It requires communication and teamwork to successfully escape. Sure, depending on the player being Jason, sometimes you can even manage to escape by your lonesome (mostly if the cops are called), but overall you’ll need a solid strategy to escape unscathed.

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy this new One Hour Tour. Considering each matches are different, I’ll most likely provide you guys with additional gameplay videos for this game.

Unfortunately, for a few days, it had become a bit harder to get into matches (as of this writing I’ve yet to play a solid match on Xbox One), I plan on entertaining you with some Friday the 13th goodness!