Welcome to another One Hour Tour through the camp from Hell! Well actually, it’s closer to two.

I’m still on my Friday the 13th addiction where I’m playing at least once a day. Unfortunately, as of this writing, I still can’t manage to get into a match on Xbox One as the patch as yet to be released. So I’m still enjoying my PS4 copy to the fullest.

While watching someone play the game might not provide the same experience as watching one of the movies, actually playing it will. At first, I didn’t expect this feeling, but to be honest, when the music cranks up and you can feel Jason nearby, the stress goes up and players need to scramble to determine what to do. Which makes it so fun.

I know a lot of people waiting out for the servers to be fixed before jumping in, but I cannot recommend this game enough. It’s my Game of the Year 2017. No buts of ifs about it.