The world of Final Fantasy XV now has its second expansion, with the DLC episode, “Episode Prompto.” Get to know our favourite photographer in a brand new storyline, with Aranea Highwind tagging along, carrying her trusty lance, in a journey across a snowy wilderness.

Prompto’s fighting to find his way home as he discovers the truth about himself in the process, but if it’s the gameplay you’re after, that’s got you covered. There’s a ton of weapons, basic handguns, sniper rifles, flash grenades, and… bazookas? Or, if you fancy driving, you can zoom about on a snowmobile, pulling off death-defying jumps and mowing down enemies. Oh, and Prompto (and the player), can take selfies along the way, much like the main game.

Plus, with a new free update, upgrade the Regalia to the new Type-D model at Hammerhead. This gives greater freedom to drive the Regalia off-road, so explore away! Finally, the update also includes new Episode Prompto themed tracks in the Regalia, various fixes, and more.

Final Fantasy 15 Prompto

Episode Prompto is available now as standalone through the Xbox Games Store and PlayStation Store, or as part of the Season Pass for either console. Check out our review of Final Fantasy XV here.