Megalithic is set to release a massive content update for the console, PS4 and Xbox One, version of Trove. The update will drop today and bring a handful of new content to Trion Worlds’ open world game. The update adds hours of new content with the Dino Tamer class, Jurassic Jungle biome, minigames, custom maps, among other new features:

  • The Dino Tamer Class: the Dino Tamer is a ranged ruffian best equipped to survive the harsh wilderness. With the ability to use darts, snares and summon dinosaurs to attack or mount
  • The Jurassic Jungle Biome: this new map features distinct enemies to fight and new dungeons to conquer. Players will pick up all new styles and recipes to bring that extra retro look to the modern Trovian.
  • Two new minigames: Racing and Coin Collecting. Players can now build custom minigame maps within their own Club Worlds, invite other players to try out their custom club maps and vie for high scores.

Megalithic also plans on continously releasing free content for the foreseeable future. Logging in every day will reward players with a daily login bonus chest while Chaos Chests will drop for free just by playing; meaning players will have more materials to use with the brand new Chaos Crafter.

For additional details, feel free to check out the official Trove blog.