The latest Titanfall 2 free DLC brings back the War Games map and a host of new features

Respawn have continued their release of free DLC for Titanfall 2 content with the sixth drop of new maps, modes, and other features.

One of the biggest inclusions of the attest update is the revival of the War Games map, a favoured map from the title’s first instalment. War Games drops players into a virtual reality arena, with the map designed to put wall-running and other features of Pilots to their best use.

The War Games DLC also brings back Titan Brawl as a permanent game mode, which is pretty similar to a team death match, or Last Titan Standing – except you can’t eject or disembark from your robot buddy. The mode has also replaced assists with damage points, giving players a better idea of how much of an effect you had on a match’s outcome.

We were also given a wholly new game mode in “Free Agents” which seems to try and draw players back into the much-forgotten Free-For-All mode, the twist being that players will need to collect three Titan batteries before they can call their companion in – expect camping near batteries.

The DLC also introduces the new ‘Shadow Boxing’ execution, though you’ll need to perform 20 executions with Holopilot or Holopilot Nova activated, so you’ll probably be seeing a lot of decoy pilots over the next few days.

The final big bit of news for the update is that Respawn have bought back the three-weapon loadout. Rejoice, people! No longer will you have to choose between a sidearm or an anti-titan weapon! Huzzah!

There was a host of new performance updates as well which you can find here.

Haven’t played Titanfall 2?

If you still haven’t given Titanfall 2 a go yet, now is the perfect time to jump on board, with the game selling for £30 on the PS Store, Xbox Store, and £25 on the Origin Store. And you can probably find it cheaper if you’re still rolling on the physical media waggon.