Koei Tecmo released a brand new trailer for their upcoming crossover title: Warriors All-Stars. The newest video, shown above, gives a first glimpse at the game’s comprehensive battle systems. The game features a Dynasty Warriors type gameplay mechanics and includes various characters from Koei Tecmo’s very diverse portfolio.

The unique battle system aims to showcase each characters’s unique identity while adding new features. For example, players can recruit up to four Warriors to fight alongside them and execute special attacks such as as Musou Rush, which can be used to rally support and clear the surrounding area of any opposition.

Characters also have unique Hero Skills which allows players to summon a chosen ally and deal a special attack to enemy forces, or to provide defensive support in tight situations. Some Hero Skills can be used in tandem to create Combo Skills.

Additionally, players are able to call upon their allies during combos and chain attacks to inflict even greater damage through Hero Combos. These special attacks are executed at the end of a successful offensive sequence, uniting Warriors to unleash a synchronized attack that wipes out waves of oncoming foes.

And finally, Hero Chains links multiple Warriors together for powerful attacks while allowing the player to individually control any of the summoned heroes. These attacks increase the relationship between party members which strengthens their abilities. Fighting alongside allies will also improve the character’s offensive and defensive capabilities by increasing the Brave Rating. Once a player’s Brave Rating is at a high enough level, powerful Awakening Skills can be unlocked.

Warriors All-Stars is another “one-versus-thousands action title” developed by Omega Force. The game features characters from various of Koei Tecmo’s portfolio such as Dead or Alive, Nights of Azure, Deception, Nobunaga’s Ambition; among others. The game will release on September 1st for PC and PS4.