The Destiny 2 open beta gives you access to a story mission, strike, and PVP mode

You may have already heard, but the open beta trailer for Destiny 2 has arrived ahead of its release on PS4 and Xbox One next week. And don’t worry, you can watch the trailer below!

The open beta will give players who have pre-ordered the game access to the opening story mission of Destiny 2, called Homecoming. You’ll also get to try out all new strikes and competitive modes, giving players a decent idea of what’s going to be in store for the game’s full release.

The early access open beta kicks off on Tuesday, July 18 for PS4 players, and Wednesday, July 19 for the Xbox One players. So, if you’re an Xbox player and you don’t want any spoilers, it’s probably best to stay away from Twitch and YouTube next Tuesday. Players who haven’t pre-ordered the game will still get a chance to play, but you’ll have to wait until Friday, July 21 – just in time for the weekend.

We’d love for you to send us some pictures of you playing Destiny 2 if you’re lucky enough to get hands-on with it, so be sure to send your shots to us @ggsgamer! As for me, I’ve only just begun playing Destiny, so it’ll be a while before I’m ready for a sequel.