The High Elves are playing a defensive game like no other race in the Warhammer world, and we’ve got a brand new gameplay video to show it off, right here:

Watch them stagger their enemies with skillful archery as they approach, tar-pitting them into a punishing melee, then counterattacking with elemental flying monsters – you don’t want to get on the bad side of these guys.

This new video from Creative Assembly shows the High Elves defending themselves from Lizardmen warriors led by Mazdamundi himself, and the new units in action. Interesting points in the video include:

  •  The noble Pheonix and its Frostheart variant – fire and ice in perfect tandem to decimate enemy forces.
  • The Dragon Princes of Caledor –  top-tier shock cavalry clad in dragon armour, making them immune to fire.
  • The immensely-armoured Pheonix Guard that’s standing ready to strike down the largest beasts that the Lizardmen have to offer.

There’s more info to come over on Creative Assembly’s Youtube channel, and the game itself, a sequel to 2016’s fantasy strategy epic, will launch on September 28, 2017.